Wallace Investments - Principal Stevedores Ports Of Auckland


Managing the impact of stevedoring on the Port is an important part of the work of Wallace Investments. 

This includes:

  • protecting the harbour from cargo residues 
  • constantly sweeping up dust generated by cargoes
  • spraying mist on dusty cargoes to contain the spread of dust
  • enclosing cargoes to contain any contamination of the port environment
  • working with agencies to monitor noise levels 

Ensuring a clean and safe environment is an ongoing and challenging task and is carried out in co-operation with the port, shipping companies and clients.


Protecting the harbour from cargo residues Spraying mist over dusty product to contain dust

Enclosing iron sand in a contained area

location   PO Box 37-562, Parnell, Auckland 1151

phone-number-white   +09 373 3864